learning to play the game of life well  

An alternative PLAYschool for 2-6 year olds and a microschool for 7+ year olds located in Bandra, Mumbai.

What do we do?

We offer a progressive, high-quality Finnish early education program that is well adapted to an Indian setting. The focus is on whole child development, with an understanding that kids truly learn best through doing - through play, activities, the arts, music and movement and not through passive instruction and standardized classrooms. We’ve partnered with a leading Finnish educational institution to translate these ideas into practice. You can learn more about our early years program here. If you are interested in learning more about alternative schooling and why we think kids need alternatives like Comini, please read our parent primer

What is a PLAYschool/ microschool

Our early years program (2-6 yrs) is centered around PLAY - the real kind (ie self-directed and self-chosen freeplay) and through playful activities hands-on guided activities. Ask any of our kids and they will corroborate that all they do in school is play.

Our microschool (6+ year olds) is an alternative to "big school". We use developmentally appropriate practices to create a relevant, progressive curriculum which is fun and meaningful. And don't get us wrong - we will take, and ace, an end-of-school exam like the IGCSE.

Find more details in the FAQ section

Why an alternative microschool?

The alternative label naturally raises a few eyebrows and questions. What is it an alternative to, and why is one needed? Conventional schooling with age-group segregated classrooms and passive, one-directional instruction were suited for an earlier era. The world has changed -- rapidly -- and so has our understanding of it and what makes adults and children tick. All of these point to a need for a radical rethinking of schooling and education. There are many existing alternative schooling approaches. Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia are a few of the better known examples. Many have long and storied histories, and passionate parents and educators for enthusiastic advocates. We think there is plenty that is great in each of these approaches, but also areas where we would sample one over the other. You can read more about alternative schooling and Comini's take on it in our parent primer.

Our goal is to offer a well-rounded set of activities that gets kids to experience with their minds and bodies -- to play in the mud and study the itty-bitty stuff that live in it; about guitars and sitars; to learn to be kind and be one of a kind.

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