The Program

Our aim is to provide a developmentally appropriate, high-quality education and learning program for the kids in our community. We are adapting and implementing the Finnish model of early education. We selected this pedagogical program as it closely aligned with our philosophy, and combines the best early education theories and practises with ongoing and continuous development. And crucially, it does all this with play at its core. The Finnish education model is regularly ranked among the best across the world. (You can also read more about this approach to early childhood education on the Finnish National Agency for Education website.)

We currently have three mixed age cohorts. The Bombils are our 2(ish) - 3 year olds; The Batatas are our 3-5 year olds and the Bimblis our 5+ year olds. They can either attend our 3 hour, or full-day (7 hour)  program. We have one of the highest adult: child ratios of 1:5 (1 adult for every 5 kids) for the younger group and 1:8 for the older group. 

Our days are filled with large chunks of self-directed freeplay along with guided activities based on the Finnish pedology. The guided activities involve music and movement, arts and crafts, science explorations, and skill building (for the older kids), trips to the neighbourhood parks, field trips, guest visits and more. 

Learning to Learn

Fine Motor Skills

Executive Function


Critical Thinking


Physical Well-Being

Emotional Well-Being