There are no grades, assessments or tests administered to kids. Instead, progress journals are maintained, carefully documenting every child's progress through the key learning areas. 

Most IB, IGCSE, and alternative (Montessori, Waldorf) schools accept kids attending homeschools. Our carefully crafted progress journals help them assess the grade readiness of your children.

There are many similarities between the Montessori pedegogy and what we follow - we’re both child centered in that children take the lead in their own learning, we have mixed age groups etc. But there are also many fundamental differences. You can read a blog article here

Our long-term plans is to grow organically into a full fledged independent learning center that eventually allows kids to take whatever end-of-school "board" exam exists ie take kids until the equivalent of grade 10 or 12. Currently in India, both the IGCSE board and the NIOS allows independent candidates to sit for their board exams.

Absolutely! We would love for our children to be exposed to new things, learn from passionate experts, to experience this unique city and all that it offers, and more. Having said that, we're committed to keeping our costs, and conversely our fees, as low as possible. And also be able to give back to the larger community as quickly as possible. If you can help in any way - let us know!