About Us

We are parents who believe that our collective approach to education could do with a significant upgrade. Science has taught us a lot more about learning and young minds in the past century. Our general approach to schooling and education has been slow to catch up. We want to help change that.

At a personal level, we are doing this for our own children. Having explored multiple schools and various approaches, and finding none that really met all our needs and wishes, we decided to take the plunge.

Priyanka Rai is an MBA in marketing from SP Jain, Mumbai and has spent the last 15 years primarily in sales and marketing. Her most recent stint was leading a technology driven digital marketing initiative. But her dream job has always involved doing something with kids - she finds the curiosity and joy of kids far more stimulating. Priyanka handles management and ongoing educational activities and is a certified early educator training with Finnish educational model.

Sai Gaddam is a technology entrepreneur, a computational neuroscientist with a PhD from Boston University, and a BTech from IIT Madras. Sai is also a published author. His first book is an internationally acclaimed science non-fiction book about desire and has been translated into multiple languages across the globe. His second book, “Journey of the Mind,” traces the development of thinking and consciousness in minds from single-celled organisms to humans and beyond. Sai leads curriculum development and research.